The Proper Way to Apply Perfume for the Maximum Effect

The Proper Way to Apply Perfume

Here we discuss the best ways and areas
to apply your Perfume and give you the
maximum effect from it

Many women may be curious as to how to properly apply perfume. For many women, this can be a mystery, but it is often not as difficult as many women may think. For those women that favour a bottle of perfume that has to be applied with the fingers will often find that a little bit of their favourite scent can go a long way. This means that it just takes a mere dab of perfume on the finger to apply it to the skin. It is best for women to only use a small amount of perfume as to not drown out others that may be present with perfume. Keeping the perfume in small amounts and on the pressure points of the upper body will work best.

There are several pressure points that women can use when they are applying their favourite fragrance. Placing the perfume on places such as behind the ears, the wrists and the inside of the elbows are all great pressure points on the body to place perfume. Many women will wear their heavier perfumes in the cold winter months, as they do not smell as heavy or are not too overwhelming. The summer months are better for lighter and airy fragrances, and this will compliment and react well to many women’s pheromones.

Some of the best ways to keep a scent smelling great is to wear them in a layered effect. Many businesses that sell perfumes also sell kits with matching shower gels and lotions. The first step is to take a shower with the shower gel, then to apply lotion. This is to ensure that all areas of the body will be covered with the scent. Applying the perfume last will be a great way of capping off the scent, and captivating anyone’s senses. Remembering to not spray or apply perfume to hair and clothes is an important step so that it does not stain clothing or ruin the hair from too many oils. Above all, just knowing which scents work best and wearing them well is the grandest way to apply any perfume for maximum effect.

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